The service is excluded in the following situations: 

  • When it is not a recreational stay (e.g.: trip for professional reasons) 
  • When the Federal Public Department for Foreign Affairs has issued a negative opinion for the trip. 
  • When the travel advice from the Institute of Tropical Medicine is not respected (e.g.: get vaccinated) 


When doing certain sports (dangerous) 

  • Doing a sport or leisure activity which is incurs an increased risk. Likewise, any activity for which the organiser requires participants to sign a document disclaiming liability is excluded. 

Here is the list of dangerous sports which are not covered: :

AlpinismBase-jumpBobsleighCanyoningCar surfing 
Car racingSpeedboat race/td>Motorcycle raceDeltaplaneDown-hillIce climbing
Horse-ballKitesurfRacing sled


(saut du haut d’une montagne)



GliderScuba divingRaftingSki jumpingParachute jumpingBungee jumping
Freestyle skiingOff-piste skiingCavingFighting sportsULM 
  • Doing a paid sport, taking part in a match or a demonstration for which an entry fee is charged and for which the participants receive pay in any form whatsoever. The preparation and training in relation to these matches or demonstrations are comparable; 


What it comes to predictable care 


  • Services following an initially existing condition for which treatment is already underway; 
  • Foreseeable medical care that is due to a physical or mental illness already existing at the time of departure; 
  • Pregnancy or childbirth from the 26th week of pregnancy unless clear and unforeseeable complications occur; 
  • The services required to ensure the continuity of medical care; 
  • Services linked to an accident prior to departure. 


Certain fees or specific care (Vaccines, hearing aid,…) 

  • Treatment costs in psychiatric institutions ; 
  • Vaccination costs, except tetanus in case of injury ; 
  • Any delivery of glasses lenses, lenses, optical prostheses, both the first order and their replacement or change and other eye prostheses 
  • Hearing aids, dentures ; 
  • Medicines or bandages when there is no prescription abroad from the provider who is authorised to prescribe the medicine or bandages ; 
  • When compulsory insurance in Belgium or abroad does not provide for intervention in the care provided, for example in the event of: 
    • convalescence cures ; 
    • thermal cures; 
    • weight loss treatment ; 
    • beauty treatments (aesthetics and rejuvenation) ; 
    • homeopathy ; 
    • acupuncture. 


Voluntary increase in risk (Drugs, drunkenness, …) 

  • Benefits originating from a serious fault committed by the beneficiary; 
  • Benefits resulting from acts of war; 
  • Benefits occurring following riots, civil unrest, any collective acts of violence of political, ideological or social inspiration except proof to be provided by the beneficiary that the policyholder did not take an active and voluntary part in these events; 
  • Benefits resulting from accidents or illnesses occurring when the policyholder is under the influence of narcotics, as referred to in the Royal Decree of December 31st, 1930 regulating soporific and narcotic substances and relating to risk reduction and therapeutic advice; 
  • Benefits resulting from voluntary participation in a crime; 
  • Benefits resulting from a suicide attempt or the intentional act of the person concerned, except in the case of saving people or property; 
  • Benefits resulting from a voluntary increase in risk by the policyholder; 
  • Services resulting from drunkenness or alcohol intoxication;