Temporary stays

You are travelling and need medically necessary care?

No worries, check beforehand what needs to be done.

Check, by country, what cover you have before you leave:

EEA Country + Switzerland

Great Britain

Bilateral agreements

Country without an agreement

Order an EHIC


Are you unfit for work/disabled at the time of your departure?

When you leave for a temporary stay, you must request prior authorisation from your health insurance advisor..

Have you requested prior authorisationDid you not request prior authorisation? ?
  • In this case, there may be possible refund of outpatient costs and hospitalisation.
  • In this case, you are not entitled to a cover document and your costs can only be refunded in the event of at least one emergency night in hospital.


And what about a cruise?

Please note, in the case of a cruise, it is not the country to which you are sailing that is important, but rather the country under which the ship is registered. For example: a boat can sail in French waters, but under the Panamanian flag. In this case, you fall under a country without an agreement.

If you receive treatment on the boat, this will be considered treatment provided in that country. If you receive treatment after disembarking, the rules that apply in that country will be in force.

Contact your health insurance company  to check if any cover is possible.


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