Benefit from maternity leave

The law provides that active workers can benefit from maternity leave on the occasion of the birth of their child. And since 2011, if the child's 2nd parent does not appear on the birth certificate, leave can be granted to the spouse or legal co-habitant or even to the de facto co-habitant registered in the mother's household for at least 3 years.

Since January 1st 2021, this maternity leave is 15 days.


This emergency leave for the birth of a child is granted to salaried workers bound by an employment contract for days which would normally have been worked.

  • The leave must be taken in full within 4 months of the birth
  • The conditions of the compensation insurance must be met (internship, reference period, etc.)
  • Paternity is justified by the birth certificate and possibly by the marriage certificate (for the legal spouse), by the declaration of legal co-habitation (for the legal co-habitant) or by the household composition justifying de facto co-habitation for at least 3 years.


The first 3 days of the period are covered by the employer.

For the remainder of the period, the beneficiary of maternity leave will receive compensation representing 82% of their gross wage evaluated in days.

This amount is capped (for more information, consult the table of amounts