"In accordance with the Law of November 28th 2022 on “the protection of persons who report violations of Union law or national law observed within a legal entity in the private sector”, the National Union of Neutral health insurance companies has established a reporting procedure for “whistleblowers”. 

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As a reminder, this procedure only concerns


  • to employees of the National Union of Neutral health insurance companies (present, past or future, including self-employed people, interns and volunteers); 
  • shareholders, members of the company's administrative, management or supervisory body; 
  • people working for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers used by the company. 

For the Law to apply, the facts reported must be related to the material scope and relating to reasonable suspicion, about actual or potential violations, which have occurred or are very likely to occur as well. as attempts to cover up such violations. 

(Any report not falling within the scope of the Law will be processed by the pre-existing internal system (see point 5.3 of the ethical code of conduct)) and therefore outside the procedure relating to whistleblowers and measures protection that applies to it). 


Reports will always be made in good faith and selflessly. 

Material scope of the Law - (Art. 2. – Law 28/11/2022) 

In the Belgian private sector, reports may concern violations of the rules governing : 

  • public contracts; 
  • financial services, products and markets and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing; 
  • product safety and compliance ; 
  • transport safety ; 
  • the protection of the environment ; 
  • radiation protection and nuclear safety ; 
  • food safety for human and animal consumption, animal health and welfare ; 
  • public health; 
  • consumer protection ; 
  • protection of privacy and personal data, and security of networks and information systems ; 
  • the fight against tax fraud; 
  • the fight against social fraud; 
  • harm to the financial interests of the (European) Union; 
  • the European internal market (competition and state aid).