The “social security charter” aims to guarantee citizens improved protection from the various social security institutions. 

Like the various social security institutions, health insurance companies are subject, in the relationships they maintain with their members, to certain duties and obligations, enshrined in this Charter. 

  • The social security institution is required to inform the socially insured person as clearly as possible about their rights. A policyholder can ask specific questions to an institution themselves, but the institution is also obliged to take initiatives to inform the population. 
  • On the other hand, the social security institution must, as quickly as possible, respond to any request made by a socially insured person. 
  • Furthermore, in its relations with the socially insured person, whatever the form, it must use clear and understandable language. 
  • The institution must attach to any decision sent to the socially insured person the terms of appeal, the reasons for this decision, the file references, etc.

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